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Why am I not being offered the Argos Monthly Payment Plan as a payment type at checkout?

If the Argos Monthly Payment Plan (MPP) is not showing as a payment option, it could be:

-Your basket does not contain any item of £150 or more
-One or more items in your basket do not qualify for MPP; check here for excluded items
-One or more items are being delivered direct from our supplier, or from different suppliers
-You have selected home delivery, and we are unable to offer this option for your postcode

If you remove the item that doesn't qualify for MPP from your basket, you should then see the option to checkout and apply for MPP. If you still wish to order these non-qualifying items, you will need to order them separately and use an alternative payment method.
Alternatively, if your items are eligible for click and collect, select this option instead of home delivery and you may then be offered MPP as a payment option if your items qualify for this payment type.

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