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Why have you sent me a one-time passcode for my Argos Monthly Payment Plan?

If you've applied for an Argos Monthly Payment Plan before, we may need to do an extra security check to make sure it's you. We'll send a 6 digit one-time verification code to the mobile number you've given us. You must keep this confidential, and it can only be used by you for that particular application. It'll also have a time limit, so it can only be used once. When you've received your requested code, enter it at the prompt on screen to continue with your application.

Remember, it's really important that your details are up-to-date so we're sending the verification code to the right mobile number. If you're not sure what number is registered to your Monthly Payment Plan, call us on 0345 600 2317 and we can check those details for you.

There may be times when your one-time passcode doesn't arrive straight away, for example if you don't have good signal. If it's still not arrived after around 2 minutes, you can request another code by clicking on the 'Send me another code' link.

If you've received a one-time passcode when you haven't requested one, please call us straight away on 0345 600 2317.

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