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How to increase your Argos Card credit limit

Found something you want at Argos? Need a credit limit increase to purchase it on your Argos Card?

Depending on what you buy, an Argos Card can give you the option of spreading purchase payments over time.

Find out more about the Argos Card here.

If you already have an Argos Card and are looking to extend your credit limit, here's what you need to know.

  • To increase your Argos Card credit limit, just go to Your Argos Card account on your app or online. You don't need any paperwork to hand and if you're accepted, the increased limit will be ready to spend straight away.
  • You can see if you're eligible for an increased limit without affecting your credit rating, but be aware that any new limit will show on your credit file as part of your total credit available.
  • Although a higher credit limit may offer greater flexibility and convenience, it may also increase the risk of taking on too much debt. It's best to check how any credit changes will impact your finances beforehand and always carefully consider whether you need a higher limit.
  • Also handy to can set up your account to auto-extend your limit next time your funds need a boost. Don't worry, we'll prompt you to set this up the next time you increase your limit.
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