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How do I avoid computer viruses?

It's important to have antivirus software installed to help protect yourself from online attacks. Although you can't prevent every cyber attack with antivirus software, it can prevent hackers from getting into your computer or mobile device.

Not every intrusion into a computer is meant to cause damage or steal valuable information, that doesn't mean the attack isn't dangerous. All intrusions into a computer exploit what is known as a vulnerability, or a weakness in the computer's operating system or other software.

Here are a few tips to help you stop spyware infecting your device:

  • Only download and install programs from websites you trust.
  • Only buy trusted and well-known, subscription-based programs.
  • Read security information, privacy statements and licence agreements when you install software.
  • Don't click 'OK' or 'I Agree' on pop-up windows, unless you know what you're signing up for.
  • Make sure you keep your device's software up to date. Software and app updates contain vital security updates that help protect your devices from cyber criminals.
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